Medicine patent pool–pharma philanthropy or PR?

Medicine patent pool--pharma philanthropy or PR?

Merck lately signed an settlement with The Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) to license mental property regarding pediatric formulations of its integrase HIV drug, raltegravir (Ral) (the ‘Settlement’). The Settlement is alleged to clear the best way for cheaper formulations to be used in growing and a few center revenue international locations and permits for the event of novel pediatric formulations of Ral in addition to novel combos. Merck’s license is royalty free and beneath the phrases of the Settlement, producers anyplace on the earth who meet the standard assurance standards, can manufacture and promote pediatric variations of the drug within the licensed international locations beneath the agreed situations with out paying a royalty to Merck.

The Settlement covers at the very least 92 international locations and MPP reviews that 98.1% of youngsters with HIV within the growing world reside within the included international locations. The Settlement has been criticized as a public relations train. The article asks if the criticism is justified and explores a number of facets of the Settlement in addressing the query.

Drug promotion tactics-yet one other pharma deception?

There isn’t a doubting that in latest instances, the pharmaceutical trade has been met with rising scepticism and outright distrust from many quarters. That is primarily in relation to the controversy surrounding many drug corporations’ determination to withhold adverse scientific trial information from public scrutiny. The follow of non-disclosure regarding such adverse findings results in erroneously exaggerated claims of efficacy or minimised reviews of hurt in relation to a drug.

Within the UK, the All Trials Initiative is spearheading the lobbying of presidency, regulators and analysis our bodies to impose obligatory disclosure of all scientific trial information. However what if these initiatives truly succeeded in reaching their targets? Would this actually signify an absolute victory over the pharmaceutical trade’s use of misleading techniques to mislead medical doctors and sufferers alike? Or have they got different methods and technique of manipulation?

Crowdsourcing in pharma: a strategic framework.

Conceptually, all organizations might be described as coordinated actors working collectively to ship a product(s), or present a service(s). For organizations to stay aggressive, you will need to have processes that look outward for exterior ‘improvements’ that would enhance how work is completed, and what’s delivered. We current a complete assessment of a wide range of processes that pharmaceutical corporations have used to interact exterior actors (‘the gang’) to offer innovation within the service of delivering novel therapeutic brokers. This culminates in a framework that gives a consolidated view of crowdsourcing processes, which in flip allows a strategic software of a crowdsourcing methodology primarily based on drawback kind.

Medicine patent pool--pharma philanthropy or PR?

Phytol in a pharma-medico-stance.

This examine goals to assessment phytol (PYT), by means of printed articles, periodicals, magazines and patents, which have been retrieved from the PM, SD, WS, SP; DII, WIPO, CIPO, USPTO and INPI databases. Among the many 149 articles and 62 patents, 27.52% articles and 87.09% sufferers have been discovered on the searched matter, PYT and its sources and synthesis and metabolism; then adopted by 15.44% and 14.77% articles on PYT in cytotoxicity/most cancers/mutagenicity/teratogenicity and PYT in neurological ailments, respectively.

Within the pharma-medico viewpoint, PYT and its derivatives have been evident to have antimicrobial, cytotoxic, antitumorous, antimutagenic, anti-teratogenic, antibiotic-chemotherapeutic, antidiabetic, lipid decreasing, antispasmodic, anticonvulsant, antinociceptive, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, antidepressant, immunoadjuvancy, hair development facilitator, hair fall protection and antidandruff actions.

In any other case, the necessary biometebolite of PYT is phytanic acid (PA). Proof reveals PA to have cytotoxic, anticancer, antidiabetic, lipid decreasing and aniteratogenic actions. As well as, it might be thought-about as an necessary biomarker for some ailments similar to Refsum’s Illness (RD), Sjögren Larsson syndrome (SLS), rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata (RZCP), power polyneuropathy (CP), Zellweger’s illness hyperpipecolic academia (ZDHA) and associated ailments. Thus, phytol could also be thought-about as a brand new drug candidate.

Better of each worlds: combining pharma information and cutting-edge modeling expertise to enhance in Silico pKa prediction.

In a singular collaboration between a software program firm and a pharmaceutical firm, we have been in a position to develop a brand new in silico pKa prediction software with excellent prediction high quality. An present pKa prediction technique from Simulations Plus primarily based on synthetic neural community ensembles (ANNE), microstates evaluation, and literature information was retrained with a big homogeneous information set of drug-like molecules from Bayer.

The brand new mannequin was thus constructed with curated units of ∼14,000 literature pKa values (∼11,000 compounds, representing literature chemical area) and ∼19,500 pKa values experimentally decided at Bayer Pharma (∼16,000 compounds, representing trade chemical area). Mannequin validation was carried out with a number of take a look at units consisting of a complete of ∼31,000 new pKa values measured at Bayer. For the biggest and most tough take a look at set with >16,000 pKa values that weren’t used for coaching, the unique mannequin achieved a imply absolute error (MAE) of 0.72, root-mean-square error (RMSE) of 0.94, and squared correlation coefficient (R(2)) of 0.87. The brand new mannequin achieves considerably improved prediction statistics, with MAE = 0.50, RMSE = 0.67, and R(2) = 0.93. It’s commercially obtainable as a part of the Simulations Plus ADMET Predictor launch 7.0.

Primary Rat (Wistar Han) Hepatocytes, Suspension

T0105 5x10^5 cells / 1.0 ml
EUR 1375

Primary Minipig (Gottingen) Hepatocytes, Suspension

T0113 5x10^5 cells / 1.0 ml
EUR 1375

Primary Monkey (Cynomolgus) Hepatocytes, Suspension

T0111 5x10^5 cells / 1.0 ml
EUR 1375

Primary Rat (Sprague Dawley) Hepatocytes, Suspension

T0103 5x10^5 cells / 1.0 ml
EUR 1375

Primary Human Hepatocytes, Metabolism Qualified, Suspension

T0123 5x10^5 cells / 1.0 ml
EUR 1375

Primary Rabbit (New Zealand White) Hepatocytes, Suspension

T0115 5x10^5 cells / 1.0 ml
EUR 1375

Papain, Suspension

MBS653945-100mg 100mg
EUR 560

Papain, Suspension

MBS653945-25mg 25mg
EUR 340

Papain, Suspension

MBS653945-5x100mg 5x100mg
EUR 2375


65-00100DH each Ask for price

Bovine Catalase Suspension

EUR 653
Description: Bovine Catalase Suspension

Bovine Catalase Suspension

EUR 99
Description: Bovine Catalase Suspension

Catalase, Suspension, Bovine

MBS653639-100mL 100mL
EUR 970

Catalase, Suspension, Bovine

MBS653639-10mL 10mL
EUR 370

Catalase, Suspension, Bovine

MBS653639-5x100mL 5x100mL
EUR 4210

Bovine Catalase Suspension

MBS136218-100mL 100mL
EUR 790

Bovine Catalase Suspension

MBS136218-10mL 10mL
EUR 205

Bovine Catalase Suspension

MBS136218-5x100mL 5x100mL
EUR 3360


GWB-Q00296 50 ml Ask for price

Suspension Flasks, 25ml, Vent

25-212 10 per Sleeve, 200 Flasks/Unit
EUR 103.38
Description: Surface Area: 12.5cm2

Suspension Flasks, 50ml, Vent

25-213 10 per Sleeve, 200 Flasks/Unit
EUR 113.38
Description: Surface Area: 25.0cm2

Suspension Flasks, 250ml, Vent

25-214 5 per Sleeve, 100 Flasks/Unit
EUR 138.07
Description: Surface Area: 75.0cm2

Suspension Flasks, 600ml, Vent

25-215 5 per Sleeve, 40 Flasks/Unit
EUR 109.97
Description: Surface Area: 182.0cm2

Sarstedt 96 well suspension (83.3926.500) - PK50

4653305 PK50
EUR 129.25

Calcium Hydroxide 2M Suspension - 500ML

CAOH2M105 500ML
EUR 16.2


87-00050 each Ask for price
Description: Single or Mixed ; FreshFrozen


75-00050DH each Ask for price
Description: Single or Mixed

500mL MEM for Suspension Culture

15-015-CV PK6
EUR 254.22

Human Fresh Hepatocytes, Suspension

ABC-TC3432 1 vial Ask for price
Description: Freshly isolated human hepatocytes represent a living biological system in which to measure metabolism, induction, toxicity, and transporter studies.

Rat Hepatocytes Suspension-Adult

ABC-TC4137 1 vial Ask for price
Description: Rat Hepatocytes Suspension - Adult

Freund's Complete Adjuvant (Suspension)

VAdv-Ly0004 10 mL
EUR 1663.2
Description: Freund's Adjuvant, Complete, Water-in-oil emulsion Vaccine adjuvant.

Mixture ME 249 (European Pharm)

MBS394009-100mg 100mg
EUR 270

Mixture ME 249 (European Pharm)

MBS394009-5x100mg 5x100mg
EUR 820

Mixture ME 250 (European Pharm)

MBS394010-100mg 100mg
EUR 285

Mixture ME 250 (European Pharm)

MBS394010-5x100mg 5x100mg
EUR 895

Mixture ME 251 (European Pharm)

MBS394011-100mg 100mg
EUR 295

Mixture ME 251 (European Pharm)

MBS394011-5x100mg 5x100mg
EUR 920

Mixture ME 291 (European Pharm)

MBS394017-1g 1g
EUR 390

Mixture ME 291 (European Pharm)

MBS394017-5x1g 5x1g
EUR 1370

Mixture ME 450 (European Pharm)

MBS394024-100mg 100mg
EUR 265

Mixture ME 450 (European Pharm)

MBS394024-5x100mg 5x100mg
EUR 800

Mixture ME 451 (European Pharm)

MBS394025-100mg 100mg
EUR 270

Mixture ME 451 (European Pharm)

MBS394025-5x100mg 5x100mg
EUR 820

Calcium Hydroxide 2M Suspension - 1L

EUR 21.6

Suspension Culture Flask 25cm - PK200

169900 PK200
EUR 361.8

b-Amylase, Suspension (Sweet Potato)

MBS653814-25KUnits 25KUnits
EUR 750

b-Amylase, Suspension (Sweet Potato)

MBS653814-5x25KUnits 5x25KUnits
EUR 3235

Lid for suspension GB-A5051 - EACH

EUR 153.9

Cryo Dog (Beagle) Hepatocytes, Suspension

LODBCS01 each
EUR 390.63

Cryo Rat (Wistar) Hepatocytes, Suspension

LORICS01 each
EUR 328.97

Cryo Monkey (Cyno) Hepatocytes, Suspension

LOCYCS01 each
EUR 517.8

Cryo monkey (Rhesus) Hepatocytes, Suspension

LORHCS01 each
EUR 517.8

30 nm Colloidal Gold particle suspension

MBS5307849-20mL 20mL
EUR 345

30 nm Colloidal Gold particle suspension

MBS5307849-5x20mL 5x20mL
EUR 1390

80 nm Colloidal Gold particle suspension

MBS5307850-20mL 20mL
EUR 345

80 nm Colloidal Gold particle suspension

MBS5307850-5x20mL 5x20mL
EUR 1390

150 nm Colloidal Gold particle suspension

MBS5307847-20mL 20mL
EUR 345

150 nm Colloidal Gold particle suspension

MBS5307847-5x20mL 5x20mL
EUR 1390

250 nm Colloidal Gold particle suspension

MBS5307848-20mL 20mL
EUR 345

250 nm Colloidal Gold particle suspension

MBS5307848-5x20mL 5x20mL
EUR 1390

Suspension for use in rotors 4446/5694/4296 - EACH

EUR 263.25

MagStrep type3 XT beads 5% suspension, 2 ml

IB2-4090-002 each
EUR 216.91

MagStrep type3 XT beads 5% suspension, 2 ml

IB2-5090-002 each
EUR 216.91

C57BL/6 Mouse Hepatocytes Suspension-Adult

ABC-TC3192 1 vial Ask for price
Description: C57BL/6 Mouse Hepatocytes Suspension - Adult

Nunc 75cm2 Suspension Flask Filter Cap - PK100

156800 PK100
EUR 332.1

Cryo Rat (Sprague Dawley) Hepatocytes, Suspension

LORSCS01 each
EUR 328.97

Alkaline phosphatase Ammonium sulfate suspension

AZ140B 1MG
EUR 120.55

Alkaline phosphatase Ammonium sulfate suspension

AZ235B 1MG
EUR 139.34

Toxoplasma gondii whole cell antigen suspension

18-2003-3 3 ml
EUR 450

Cryo Rat (Wistar Hannover) Hepatocytes, Suspension

LORWCS01 each
EUR 328.97

Greiner suspension culture multiwell plates - PK60

M3562-60EA PK60
EUR 267.3

Bordetella pertussis, Inactive Bacterial Suspension

15330-91 1ML
EUR 39.9

Aspartate Transaminase, ammonium sulfate suspension

GZ1012 1KU
EUR 86.5

CP Reagent Coloration Primary Solution Red - 100ML

CPPR01 100ML
EUR 232.2

Human hepatocytes in suspension , 10 million cells

LOHUFS10-EU each Ask for price

CP Reagent Coloration Primary Solution Blue - 100ML

CPPB01 100ML
EUR 156.6

AlbuSorb™ LS (suspension) Kit (processes 25 preps)

ALS385-25 2.5 ml AlbuSorb suspension (includes 25 spin-filter assemblies and buffer)
EUR 460

CP Reagent Coloration Primary Solution Yellow - 100ML

CPPY01 100ML
EUR 156.6

Sodium Acetylide Suspension (18 wt. % slurry in xylene)

S960228 100g
EUR 144
Description: 1066-26-8

Rat Peritoneal Macrophages (fresh cells in suspension)

ABC-TC4192 1 vial Ask for price
Description: Rat peritoneal macrophages (RPMAC) are derived from the peritoneal cavity of Sprague–Dawley rats. RPMAC are negative for bacteria, yeast, fungi, and mycoplasma.

Encephalitozoon cuniculi whole cell antigen suspension

18-2002 1 ml
EUR 438

Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase, Suspension (G6PDH)

MBS653674-5000Units 5000Units
EUR 765

Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase, Suspension (G6PDH)

MBS653674-500Units 500Units
EUR 345

Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase, Suspension (G6PDH)

MBS653674-5x5000Units 5x5000Units
EUR 3300

Rat Bone Marrow Neutrophils (fresh cells in suspension)

ABC-TC4089 1 vial Ask for price
Description: Rat bone marrow neutrophils (RBMNEUCs) are derived from the tibias and femurs of adult Sprague–Dawley rats. RBMNEUCs are immediately cryo-preserved or fresh cells in suspensionafter isolation.

Nunc Suspension Tissue Culture Dish 35mm Vented - PK500

171099 PK500
EUR 878.85

Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Suspension In 3

G02100 1000UN
EUR 320.28

Swingout rotor 4place without suspension angle 90 - EACH

EUR 1300.05

Suspension light-metal with clamp lock flat top - EACH

EUR 513

Pro293s Medium, for suspension cells, with Pluronic, FFM, 1L

LOBEBP02-025Q each
EUR 175.99

MEM Eagle Suspension Modification w/L-Glutamine (Powder)

MBS652771-100L 100L
EUR 810

MEM Eagle Suspension Modification w/L-Glutamine (Powder)

MBS652771-10L 10L
EUR 245

MEM Eagle Suspension Modification w/L-Glutamine (Powder)

MBS652771-25L 25L
EUR 360

MEM Eagle Suspension Modification w/L-Glutamine (Powder)

MBS652771-50L 50L
EUR 545

MEM Eagle Suspension Modification w/L-Glutamine (Powder)

MBS652771-5x100L 5x100L
EUR 2600

Lid with bio-containment for suspension GB-A4780 - EACH

EUR 143.1

Hydroxylapatite ~ 25% solids suspension (10g solids/40ml) in 0.001M

44923 40 ml
EUR 14.85
Description: Part B

Primary Opalescence Solution - 100ML

EUR 136.35

Xanthine Oxidase Suspension ex. Butter Milk, 1-4 U/mg protein

39607 5 Units
EUR 45.6
Description: Part B

MEM Eagle Suspension Modification w/L-Glutamine, HEPES (Powder)

MBS652810-100L 100L
EUR 810

MEM Eagle Suspension Modification w/L-Glutamine, HEPES (Powder)

MBS652810-10L 10L
EUR 245

MEM Eagle Suspension Modification w/L-Glutamine, HEPES (Powder)

MBS652810-25L 25L
EUR 360

MEM Eagle Suspension Modification w/L-Glutamine, HEPES (Powder)

MBS652810-50L 50L
EUR 545

MEM Eagle Suspension Modification w/L-Glutamine, HEPES (Powder)

MBS652810-5x100L 5x100L
EUR 2600

Recombinant Protein A+G-Agarose suspension for Ig's purification

PRAG15-AS-1 1 ml
EUR 242.4

Recombinant Protein A+G-Agarose suspension for Ig's purification

PRAG15-AS-5 5 ml
EUR 781.2

Good predictions are solely of worth when delivered successfully to those that can use them. The brand new pKa prediction mannequin has been built-in into Pipeline Pilot and the PharmacophorInformatics (PIx) platform utilized by scientists at Bayer Pharma. Completely different output codecs permit custom-made software by medicinal chemists, bodily chemists, and computational chemists.


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